Saturday, December 03, 2005

Nintendo WiFi Upshot

When figuring out the DS WiFi-stuff you probably stumbled across helpful releases like: "We're using Buffalo AOSS!", "McDonalds!", "You will need USB and a laptop!"...
Now, here are some facts: The DS WiFi will connect to any 802.11b wireless network with or without wep, aoss networks, and nintendo usb adapters. If there is a wireless network, or other internet connection, that the Nintendo DS does not understand (T-mobile hotspots, cable modems, wpas and the like) you will need to put the nintendo USB wireless dongle into a computer so that it can route the Nintendo DSes over that connection through the laptop.

That connector comes at a quite hefty $34.99 and is only available in limited quantities in the United States.

Upshot: besides some criticism about the laptop-stuff, most reviews I read stated, that the DS WiFi is really smooth as silk...


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