Monday, October 31, 2005

New games for Nintendo DS

Shukan Famitsu, Japan's most respected games-magazine recently announced details about Resident Evil and Ys Strategy coming to the DS soon.
Resident Evil--Deadly Silence goes gold at the start of next year and will be sold (in Japan) for roughly 44 U$.
Players can experience a remake of the original with new features and controls updated to play more like a recent Resident Evil game. Players can do a quick 180 degree turn, draw their trusty survival knife, and reload their weapon without needing to go through a menu screen.

The added classic mode lets players enjoy Deadly Silence like the original PlayStation release (no use of the DS stylus). Unfortunately, the game does not support Nintendo Wi-Fi at the moment.

Nintonedo's long running role playing series also sees it's debut on the DS in spring next year. But Ys Strategy strays from the series' action role-playing game roots in favor of a focus on real-time strategy. The storyline also deviates from the series' past formula. This time around, players will be thrown in the midst of a major war between the nations of Ys.
Ys Strategy uses the DS's top screen to display an overview map and a menu of the player's remaining resources. The bottom map is used for the main game screen, where the player issues commands to units on the field with the stylus. In addition to allowing local wireless multiplayer matches, the game also supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi service.


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