Monday, October 31, 2005

New games for Nintendo DS

Shukan Famitsu, Japan's most respected games-magazine recently announced details about Resident Evil and Ys Strategy coming to the DS soon.
Resident Evil--Deadly Silence goes gold at the start of next year and will be sold (in Japan) for roughly 44 U$.
Players can experience a remake of the original with new features and controls updated to play more like a recent Resident Evil game. Players can do a quick 180 degree turn, draw their trusty survival knife, and reload their weapon without needing to go through a menu screen.

The added classic mode lets players enjoy Deadly Silence like the original PlayStation release (no use of the DS stylus). Unfortunately, the game does not support Nintendo Wi-Fi at the moment.

Nintonedo's long running role playing series also sees it's debut on the DS in spring next year. But Ys Strategy strays from the series' action role-playing game roots in favor of a focus on real-time strategy. The storyline also deviates from the series' past formula. This time around, players will be thrown in the midst of a major war between the nations of Ys.
Ys Strategy uses the DS's top screen to display an overview map and a menu of the player's remaining resources. The bottom map is used for the main game screen, where the player issues commands to units on the field with the stylus. In addition to allowing local wireless multiplayer matches, the game also supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi service.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

iPod Nano: scratch-protection box

iWood is the latest chic for iPoad-Nano users: think of a wooden casing for your beloved MP3-player, and don't think about scratched or broken displays... ;)
The iWood comes in Maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry and oak. You get a personalized engraving on top and a short message on the inside. I didn't checked the quality, but the pictures of the iWood look extremely yummy. Cases for other iPod-models are coming soon, as it said on the iWood website.

Upshot: iWood comes at a hefty 90$/75EUR--but if you're a distinguished owner of an iPod-Nano, you owe this to yourself, right?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mobile-vending machines in UK

Today Vodafone UK unveiled two new mobile phone vending machines in Manchester. These “Quickphone” kiosks are just the beginning of what Vodafone hopes to become a vending empire first across all of Britain, then worldwide. Machines will be stocked with three different phone models which will be refreshed monthly reflecting the latest trends. Fellow bloggers who experienced similar attempts in their countries already quoted that those things were not frequented too good.

Upshot: who really wants to buy a cellphone from such a machine? Anyway, you can't beat the japanese when it comes to vending machines -- from fishing-lines and flight insurances to reverse vending-machines. Check it out here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sues about Ipod-Nano

Today I read that several consumers are going to sue Apple over severly scratched and broken Ipod-Nano-displays. The story with damaged displays is raging on for some time now. It seems to me that Apple didn't made proper design-decision for its latest products (the iTunes-phone ROKR also falling short).
I have to admit that the original iPod-Design by Jonathan Ive was most original to me--I didn't liked the Shuffle, Mini and Nano so much.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Give your iPod a treat

Want more fun with your video iPod? How about converting and uploading TV into it? The guys at videora made a tool that can almost turn anything into iPod ready video. Check out the detailed how-to at Hackaday.

Want a funny engraving on the casing? Don't be too inventive. It became known lately that Apple will reject certain engravings.

My favorite rejected list:
Steal this? Will self destruct when used.
10,000 Stolen Tunes Inside.
I cost more per ounce than cocaine.
My favorite non-rejected ones:
Steal At Your Own Risk. Bomb Installed.
I Don't Do Windows.
Weapons of Mass Distraction Inside.
If you have a case of a rejected engraving: go share it at Methodshop.

PS: another news only 3 days old--Logitech's revenue for audio-products saw a doubling of retail-sales, with year-on-year growth of 28%, because of skyrocketing demand for iPod-hardware like headphones.


Starting on November 14th, Nintendo and McDonalds are ganging-up on mobile gaming. In several McD-Branches it will be possible for Nintendo-DS-gamers to play freely via WiFi. Not really a breaking news since both offers from McDonalds and Nintendo were already announced as completely free of charge.
Anyway ... just some more free mobile hotspots out there, huh? Maybe a lot more geeks will be hanging around in the parking-lots outside, than in the restaurants, LOL ...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rip Movies to your iPod Video for free

Yesterday Gizmodo told us how to rip DVDs to your video-iPod without actually having to buy Quicktiume Pro. All you need is Mac TheRipper (used it myself, very stable and recommendable) and HandBrake.

Upshot: save your money and try out immediatly. Read the full article here.

Quicklink: Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a mobile social software, residing on your mobile phone. With location-based solution it lets you meet your friends more easily or just find the exact spot of an address via SMS--nifty!

Quicklink: Mobility Email

Mobility Email is a device-independet mobile email solution. At the core of Mobility Email is Mozilla Thunderbird, the wildly popular open source email client. It's loaded with extensions to provide OpenPGP encryption and signing, access to Hotmail, Yahoo!, Lycos and MailDotCom email accounts, and a way to quickly access your contacts.
Mobility Email is free. It's open source. Check it out here.

More on mobile TV

Does anybody want to see TV on their cellphones? At least in Korea this is part of everyday life--using DMB (wich rides on the same frequencies like DAB Digital Radio). Despite ongoing efforts in Europe and USA, it will still take almost a year or more to polish up UMTS networks into highspeed TV-delivery networks. Some functional showcases could already be seen at the IFA Consumer Electronics Expo, along with exuberant officials.
Vodafone keeps silent about pricing structures but it's a moot question wether mobile TV will come at the same price like in Korea (ie 10$)...

PSP -- gogglebox on the road

Sony conjured up a new feature to shine up its firmware 2.5: LocationFree let's you watch pre-recorded TV on your PSP. Will this outweigh homebrew-blocking features in the newer of PSP's firmware-version? TV support will come at a costly 320$ (plus additional costs for expanding to a bigger memory).

Upshot: possibly too expensive and over-complicated. Any comments on LocationFree out there?